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Brain Navi Biotechnology is a leading Taiwanese surgical robotic company, based in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park. Brain Navi design and develop innovative navigation and robotic techniques for surgeons to improve accuracy with Brain Navi’s SMART technology platform. With the SMART technology, it assists to perform “real-time” during surgery, streamline surgical procedures with minimally invasive surgery and reduce the learning curve with the digital data for the surgeon to inheritance their knowledge and surgical experience.

The first product pipeline started from the neurology category – Neurosurgery, the first autonomous surgical navigation robot, NaoTrac. NaoTrac achieved CE class IIb in April 2021, and we are applying Taiwan FDA and expected to be approved around the forth quarter of 2022, and will submit the FDA in the end 2022.

  • NaoTrac:Biopsy, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), SEEG, endoscopic surgery and EVD
  • Product Introduction:Equipped with Machine Vision, AI technology and Robotic Arm, fast and precise navigation with non-contact registration, pre-operating planning preparation, choosing the surgical pathway with a 3D vision for precise anatomical location. The unique autonomous procedure allows the surgeon to plan and let NaoTrac act as his assistant.

  • ** Zero-Contact Medical Station:**”Zero-Contact Medical Station” is a one-stop holistic solution integrated service for specimen inspection procedures. It started from the specimen collection, pipetting, to generate the RT-PCR report, which can be completed within 30 minutes.

  • Product Introduction:The overall process is that the “Nasal Swab Robot” to perform the specimen collection, and the robotic arm to proceed the pipetting in the pipetting system (NSR-P), then the NSR-P will put the nasopharynx swab into the UTM (Universal Transport Medium) and then put the samples into the Roche’s assay. Before taking out the assay, it can be disinfected with alcohol and auto UV-C sterilization system, the medical staff could take the pipetted assay out from the NSR-P and put it into the rapid RT-PCR to proceed with the inspection. Within our holistic solution in the “Zero-Contact Medical Station”, the inspection originally takes 60 to 120 minutes to generate the reports, now can be shorten to 30 minutes to complete the whole process. The high-risk procedure, specimen collection and pipetting, are performed in an isolated space by the robotic arm. It is completely separated from the medical staff and tester. The “Zero-Contact Medical Station” is equipped with 2 Nasal Swab Robots, HEPA Filter, UVC Disinfection, negative pressure room with negative 8 Pa air pressure in inspection room and positive 8 Pa air pressure in the control room, glass wall separation, High Standard Ventilation System, and Digital Certification Ensuring Authentic Reports. The environment is designed to prevent and reduce the risk of the cross-infection of viruses and droplets.

  • Nasal Swab Robot - NSR:Aims at preventing and reducing the spread of in suspected cases infectious whooping cough, diphtheria, influenza, and various types of diseases caused by the coronavirus family of viruses, including SARS, MERS, and COVID-19 in the hospital.

  • Product Introduction:The Nasal Swab Robot helps to reduce staff- patient contact with highly infectious diseases at the point of testing by autonomously navigating and collecting patient’s sample. The robot automatically recognizes the patients’ facial structure and the precise nostril’s location to autonomously take the samples without the need of medical staff. The robot uses some fundamental functions of the innovative autopilot brain surgery navigation robot developed by Brain Navi. NSR is a robotized platform through Finger Gripper to hold a nasopharyngeal swab to assist the health care worker for collecting the sample of secretions from the uppermost part of the throat, behind the nose. NSR is equipped with a compact Robotic Arm, and Display Screen mounted on a wheeled Trolley.

Company Milestones

   2015 Foundation of Brain Navi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
   2018 The First Autopilot Surgical Navigation Robot- NaoTrac proceed the Animal Clinical Test in EVD and it went successfully.
   2018 The First Autonomous Surgical Navigation Robot- NaoTrac completed its first EVD clinical human trial in Hualian Tzu-chi Medical Center.
   2019 Certificated in ISO 13485 Quality Management System certification.
   2019 Joined the Annual Meeting of CNS ( Congress of Neurological Surgeons)
   2020 In order to assist the pandemic of COVID-19, take some fundamental function of NaoTrac into the first “Nasal Swab Robot” – NSR and got TFDA EUA
   2020 “Nasal Swab Robot” got National Innovation Award
   2021 Zero-contact Medical Station and Nasal Swab Robot started to settle in Hospitals in Taiwan.
   2021 NaoTrac got CE class IIb
   2021 Collaborate with tsmc Charity Foundation to setup Zero-contact Medical Station in 14 hospitals in Taiwan.
   2022 Hualien Tzu-chi Medical Center signed the MOU with Brain Navi, to build up the first Brain Surgical Navigation Robot Training Center.