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Taiwan Research-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (TRPMA) is jointly established by 28 biopharmaceutical manufacturers and developers and 19 regenerative medicine companies based in Taiwan. Our mission is to help the biopharmaceutical industry to improve the R&D capacity and profitability while working in accordance with the government’s administrative directions which aim to promote Taiwan as the new drug R&D and supply center in the Asia-Pacific region. We are setting out with the intention of making the biopharmaceutical industry the driving force behind the next wave of economic growth in Taiwan so as to achieve the government’ goals of industrial reform and economic transformation and to improve the well-being of the people in Taiwan.

Our members continue working diligently in recruiting new talents, coordinating international research resources, addressing the medical needs in the Asia-Pacific region and devoting to the researches of leading-edged treatments. Their efforts and commitment have led to a high research capacity and productivity. The achievements include securing the marketing authorization of many new drugs. For example, Onivyder® developed by PharmaEngine has been launched in 34 countries; Taigexyn® developed by TaiGen has secured the marketing authorization in China; Trogarzo® developed by TaiMed Biologics has been approved by the US FDA; and, last but not least, Besremi® developed by Pharma Essentia has been approved by the EMA in the EU and is ready for its global launch.

By forming a biopharmaceutical industry cluster in Taiwan, the TRPMA provides a platform for coordinating the resources and facilitating the communication among the industry, the government, the academia and the researchers so as to accelerate the establishment of the industrial value chain and to promote the cross-strait and global collaborations in new drug discovery. We do this by adopting an innovative, positive and collaborative approach. We continue strengthening the communication between the industry with the government and the academic sector with a view to seeing more successful stories of the launch of new biopharmaceutical products developed in Taiwan.

Our missions include:

  1. To promote the new drug R&D activities in Taiwan;
  2. To provide a professional platform for the innovative biopharmaceutical industry;
  3. To open a window for international communication;
  4. To facilitate industrial innovation collaboration and alliance.

The TRPMA will make every effort to accomplish those missions. We adhere to the principles of “Taiwan Base, Cross-Strait Collaboration, Pan-Asian Operation, Global Vision” and devote ourselves to the continuous search of innovative treatments. The support and encouragement from the society always keep us inspired and motivated to usher in an exciting new era of innovation.