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BioIPSeeds is a global P2P platform which utilizes the blockchain technology to promote biomedical open innovation. It features the functions of on-line search of seeding pharmaceutical innovations, IP notarization, on-line signature for NDA, the exchange of confidential data, etc. BioIPSeeds helps businesses to quickly locate new research targets of drugs, medical devices, regenerative medicines and tests. Therefore, businesses are able to make an early start on the development of IP road map, to expand product lines and to expedite the development and launch of new drugs and new technology.

Biomaterial One-Stop-Shop Website

In order to provide comprehensive services for the biotech industry, to facilitate the customs clearance of imported raw materials used in biomedical researches or manufacturing, to promote the development of the biotech industry and to achieve the target of improving the global competitiveness of the biotech industry in Taiwan, the Biomedical Industry Innovation Program (BIIP) Implementation Center has worked together with relevant government agencies and jointly established the “Biomaterial One-Stop Service Window”. This system uses interactive web pages to provide the information of the classification of biomaterials, the customs clearance processes and the contact details of relevant competent agencies in charge. The “one-stop window” helps to expedite the customs clearance process so that imported biomaterials can be used more effectively before their expiration.

Biopharmaceutical Analyst Program (BAP)

This training program aims to equip participants with the ability to provide objective and professional information with the view to activating the capital market and to protecting investors in the biopharmaceutical sector. This program also serves as a platform for the exchange of financial and new drug information, as well as for the promotion of fundraising for the R&D of biotech new drugs.

Rising Star - Taiwan New Drug

Rising Star - Taiwan New Drug Many new drugs developed by our members have already entered the global markets. For example, Onivyder® developed by PharmaEngine has been launched in 34 countries; Taigexyn® developed by TaiGen has secured the marketing authorization in China; Trogarzo® developed by TaiMed Biologics has been approved by the US FDA; and, last but not least, Besremi® developed by Pharma Essentia has been approved by the EMA in the EU and is ready for its global launch. As of in February 2019, the drug developers in Taiwan have commissioned a total of 295 clinical trials conducted in Taiwan and other countries, including 171 trials in the US. In addition to Taiwan and the US, our members are keen to entering the markets in the EU, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, Russia, South Africa, etc. Operating from their bases in Taiwan, our members are shining as important players in the global markets.

Overview of R&D of Taiwan’s Regenerative Medicine Industries (in Chinese))

Overview of R&D of Taiwan’s Regenerative Medicine Industries and the Anticipation of “ Regenerative Medicinal Products Derivatives Act”

Presentation Slides of “Regenerative Medicinal Products Derivatives Act” Hearing (in Chinese)

Presentation Slides of “ Regenerative Medicinal Products Derivatives Act” Hearing (in Chinese)