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The 6th Term TRPMA Board of Directors

Board Title Company Full Name Professional Title
President Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd. Peter Tsai Chairman
Vice President YFY Biotech Management Company Hong-Jen Chang Chairman & CEO
Standing Director Taiwan Liposome Company, Ltd. George Yeh President
Director TaiGen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Philip Kuo-Lung Huang Chairman & CEO
Director EirGenix INC. Lee-Cheng Liu Chairman & President
Director Formosa Pharmaceuticals, INC. Chen-Yu Cheng Chairman
Director SynCore Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Muh-Hwan Su President
Director Sinew Pharma Inc. Kaimin Chu Chairman & CEO
Director HanchorBio Inc. Scott Liu Chairman & CEO
Alternate Director Lumosa Therapeutics Co., Ltd. Rong-Jin Lin Chairman & CEO
Alternate Director Medigen Biotechnology Corp. Stanley Chang Chairman
Alternate Director Pharmaessentia Corp. Ching-Leou Teng Chairperson

The 6th Term TRPMA Board of Supervisors

Board Title Company Full Name Professional Title
Standing Supervisor TaiRx, Inc. Du-Shieng Chien President & CEO
Supervisor OBI Pharma, Inc. Heidi Wang CEO