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Founded in 2001, TaiGen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a research-based and market-driven pharmaceutical company engaging in the development of novel therapeutics for infectious diseases. TaiGen has a wholly-owned Beijing subsidiary with proven capacities to conduct clinical trials and related registrations. TaiGen Biotechnology became a publicly listed company in Taipei Exchange (Ticker 4157.TWO) in January 2014.
TaiGen’s pipeline includes in-house discovered and developed new chemical entities: TG-1000, a novel antiviral for influenza, receives China and US IND authorization in 2020. TaiGen completes the phase II trial of TG-1000 in Feb. 2022 and out-licenses TG-1000 to Joincare Pharmaceuticals in the China market in Mar. 2023. Taigexyn® capsule, a novel antibiotic, is the first NCEs developed by a Taiwanese company that received market approval and launched in mainland China and Taiwan. Taigexyn® intravenous formulation is also marketed in Taiwan, mainland China and Russia in 2020, 2021 and 2022 respectively, Taigexyn® IV becomes eligible for reimbursement in March as it passed the National Health Insurance Administration’s review and assessment on Feb 14 in Taiwan. Taigexyn is also granted three nationals prizes, SNQ, National Bio & Medicine Care Quality Award and National Innovation Excelsior Award in 2020. Taigexyn® is partnered in 33 countries worldwide. Licensed partners include Luminarie Canada for Canada, New Zealand and Australia; GPCR for South Korea; R-Pharm for the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States; Productos Científicos for Latin America; and Holding Distribution for distribution in Taiwan.

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Company Milestones

   2001 TaiGen Taiwan Co. Ltd. established with paid-in capital of NT$10,000,000.
   2004 TaiGen Biopharmaceuticals Beijing was established in 2004 with major focus on clinical development and regulatory affairs with China FDA.
   2014 TaiGen Biopharmaceuticals Holdings Ltd Publicly listed in Taipei Exchange (TPEx) since January 2014.
   2015 Received market approval of Nemonoxacin capsule from TFDA in January 2015.
   2016 Taigexyn® ( Nemonoxacin)capsule received CFDA market approval in June 2016 and launched in mainland China by Zhejiang Medicine Co. on October 23, 2016.
   2016 Signed an agreement to establish a New Company with HEC in China for the joint development and commercialization of direct-acting antiviral agents (DAAs) * for HCV treatment in the Greater China region.
   2018 Taigexyn® intravenous and oral formulations successfully completed phase 3 clinical trial for community acquired pneumonia in Russia.
   2019 TaiGen has completed enrollment for the phase III trial of Furaprevir and Yimitasvir combination Treatment in China.
   2020 TaiGen receive TG-1000 clinical trial authorization from China NMPA
   2020 Received market approval of Nemonoxacin intravenous infusion from TFDA in October 2020.
   2020 TaiGen initiated phase II trial of TG-1000 under US and China IND
   2021 Taigexyn® ( Nemonoxacin) intravenous infusion received NMPA market approval in June 2021
   2022 Taigexyn® ( Nemonoxacin) intravenous infusion became eligible for health insurance reimbursement price in March