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Founded in 2005, Eusol Biotech Co., Ltd. is committed to developing innovative treatments to meet the unmet medical needs of neurological diseases and injuries that are difficult to treat. It’s aimed primarily on the research and development of ES135 (rhFGF1) as a new drug for the treatment of spinal cord and peripheral nerve injuries, which can help patients with nerve injuries to restore their functions and improve the patients’ quality of daily life. Additional research on other potential indications of ES135 have also been conducted. ES135 (rhFGF1), the investigational new drug has been patented in Taiwan, the European Union, the United States, China, and other countries as a curative molecule with medicinal applications. It is a genetically recombinant human acid fibroblast growth factor with medical utility. In long-term cooperation with the medical team of Taipei Veterans Hospital (TVGH) Neuroregenerative Medicine Center, the pivotal phase 3 clinical trial is currently undergoing. In addition to ES135, Eusol has also developed a three-in-one new dosage form of combination sleep aid (SM-1) as a sleep aid. SM-1 is designed to be a new formulation in combination of sequential release of 3 drugs to improve sleeping quality for people with insomnia. One phase 1, two phase 2 and a phase 3 clinical trials have been completed in Europe and the United States, respectively. In addition to focusing on new drug development, Eusol is currently vigorously transforming into a biotech company with diversified product development.

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Company Milestones

   2005 EUSOL was established.
   2006 Eusol R&D Department was setup at Innovation Center of National Yang-Ming University. Pilot Plant was set up at Wu-Gu District in New Taipei Industrial Park.
   2008 Eusol’s Wugu manufacturing site was certified by Taiwan Health Authority as a GMP pilot plant for production of biological drug substance.
   2011 TFDA approved the TVGH “Compassionate use” program to treat 100 SCI patients with Eusol’s Investigational new drug ES135. This program has been completed in August 2014.
   2017 Acquired 100% equity in subsidiary Sequential Medicine Ltd for developing SM-1 as sleeping aid
   2018 ES135 Multi-Center Phase 3 pivotal clinical trial in spinal cord injury was initiated in Taiwan.
   2018 Completion of one of the SM-1 phase 3 clinical trials in the US
   2022 Out-source manufacturing and vigorously transforming into a biotech company with diversified product development
   2022 Strategically cooperating with Taiwan domestic pharmaceutical companies, focusing on the US market, to develop niche drugs with special dosage form