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PELL specializes in developing and promoting “immune cell therapy” and “stem cell regenerative medicine therapy” technologies that are in sync with Europe and the United States. It focuses on the new drug development and clinical trials of gene modified cells “Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell, CAR-T”. The advantages are self-development platform for CAR design, short manufacturing period (7 days), and high Tscm percentage of CAR-T product. In addition, PELL have some cell therapy products that have been approved via Regulations of Special Medical Techniques, including Cytokine-induced killer cells (CIK), Dendritic cell-Cytokine induced killer cell (DC-CIK), and Adipose-derived stem cell (ADSC).

PELL Taipei headquarters and Kaohsiung branch already built a cell processing unit (CPU) respectively that compliant with Good Tissue Practice (GTP) regulation, and both CPU facility have been approved by TFDA. The cell products from PELL are carefully manufactured at clean rooms of these authority-approved sites, and the product quality is controlled strictly. Immune cell culture technology and stem cell culture technology must be able to control technologies including specific cell isolation/purification, activation, amplification, and specific differentiation et al. With rich experience of manufacturing and quality control for therapy products, PELL can help our partners improve the goal of personalized precision cancer treatment.

For detail information, please visit website: https://www.pellbmt.com/

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Company Milestones

   2017 PELL BIO-MED TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established in Kaohsiung.
   2019 PELL Taipei headquarter was established; Kaohsiung company was set up as a branch.
   2020 Kaohsiung branch passed the GTP (Good Tissue Practice) inspection of cell preparation sites under Regulations of Special Medical Techniques.
   2020 Won the 17th National Innovation Award (The process for producing high-proportion of stem cell-like memory CAR-T cells).
   2021 Won the 18th National Innovation Award (Novel next-generation platform of CAR cells for cancer treatment).
   2022 Taipei headquarter has passed GTP inspection of cell processing unit under Regulations of Special Medical Techniques, and GTP inspection for clinical trial application (IND)
   2022 CAR-T cell new drug product (PL001) entered phase I/II clinical trials
   2023 Completed the phase I clinical trial of CAR-T cell new drug product (PL001)
   2023 Completed the design of GMP cell manufacturing plant in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park.