Member Profile

Praexisio dedicates to high-quality, safe and efficient personalized medicine development, including small molecule drugs, functional peptides and antibodies, at a small fraction of the standard cost. We leveraged our company co-founder’s two decades of experience in protein conformation and molecular dynamics, a newly trained AI guided by x-ray crystallographically solved structures of FDA-approved drugs complexed with their target proteins, and biochemical/ cellular experiment efficacy data with highly ranked drugs by MD-based free energy calculations which feedback to the front-end recombination of safe chemical fragments. Three new drugs have been designed and showed nanomolar efficacy with low toxicity. Prx is a total solution provider and already had co-operations with entity from academia area, hospital area, and several biomedical technology company. Integrating the company’s technology, products, and expertise/opinions of global academic leaders, we design solutions that can be implemented by our high-quality engineers and scientists.

Company Milestones

   2021 Passed selection Merck digital innovation international proposal and entered the top nine for Deep Dive Pitch.
   2022 Launching the drug repurposing software DrDock.
   2022 Awarded by We, Innovators’ -Startups and entering the top 15 Pitch finalists.
   2023 Praexisio has been selected by the NSTC to exhibit the 2023 BIO International Convention in Boston.
   2023 Begun providing services to corporate clients. Have signed a contract with a well-known Taiwanese CDMO company.