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HanchorBio Inc. was established by Dr. Liu Scott, Chairman, and Founder, in October 2020 in Taipei. HanchorBio is a clinical-stage global pharma, focused on the research and development of novel biologics in Immuno-Oncology. The mission is to transcend immuno-oncology therapies by developing cutting-edge designer biologics with novel modalities. The pharma’s core technology and platform, named “Fc-based Design of Biologics (FBDBTM),” represents a unique design of biologics targeting multiple cancers or tumors. The biologics from platform have the capability to simultaneously activate both the innate immune system and adaptive immune system to eliminate tumor growth. Through breakthroughs in multifunctional innovative molecular configurations during the research and development process, as well as the optimization of chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) during process development, HanchorBio aims to address unmet medical needs with its innovative biologics and core technology, the FBDBsTM.
Currently, there are eight biologics based on the FBDB platform in HanchorBio’s pipeline. Except for the first leading biologic in clinical trials at US and Taiwan hospitals, other candidates are also planned to enter clinical stages soon.

Product Pipelines

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Company Milestones

   2022 /08 HanchorBio inc. Announces Closing of series-a financing
   2022 /10 HanchorBio participated in Sino-American pharmaceutical professionals association (SAPA) annual conference
   2022 /11 HanchorBio founder and chief executive officer dr. Scott Liu receives award from Chinese-American biopharmaceutical society
   2023 /04 HanchorBio completes the face-to-face scientific advisory board meeting
   2023 /04 HanchorBio announces US IND clearance for the multi-regional clinical trial of HCB101 to treat solid and hematological malignancies