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Since its establishment in May 2000, microbio has been adhering to the concept of active innovation, focusing on the research and development of high-end products for new medicines and medical care, and gradually forming a biotechnology enterprise group with “innovation” as its core. In-depth development in new drug research and development, organic agriculture and biotechnology venture capital. While achieving corporate development and enhancing shareholders’ rights, we also fulfill our corporate social responsibility and care for our lives.

In terms of new drug research and development, Chemo young and Herbiron have obtained the new drug certificates approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and have successfully developed a variety of microbial pharmaceutical technology platforms, and have repeatedly made major breakthroughs in the field of biotechnology. The Microbio has received many awards and professional awards such as Biomedical Quality Award and Biomedical Innovation Award. At the same time, Microbio continues to uphold professional and rigorous R&D management, combined with the first-class R&D team, to develop high-quality medical and health care products, including Tien Chun Boo, top quality enzyme drinks and Lee Herb series products and other patented leading products.

Product Pipelines

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Company Milestones

   2011 12/21 Microbio announced that it has received TFDA new drug approval for “MS-20 (CHEMO YOUNG)”.
   2013 03/04 Microbio announced that it has received TFDA new drug approval for“Herbiron Oral Solution”.
   2015 “Herbal Complex” developed by Microbio received Taiwanese MOHW recognition on its benefit in hepatic protection.
   2017 Microbio (Shanghai) signed a license agreement for the exclusive cooperation development and sales rights of the new drug MS-20 (CHEMO YOUNG) and Herbiron in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.
   2019 Microbio Co.,LTD. receives a Singapore patent on the new drug Herbiron.
   2020 Microbio (Shanghai) and OneNess Jointly signed an exclusive new drug R&D cooperation and authorization agreement with LEO PHARMA A/S for the new antibody drug FB825.
   2021 Microbio (Shanghai) received the 2nd upfront payment of US$2.88MM from LEO PHARMA A/S. A total of US$6.4MM upfront payments have all been received.
   2021 Microbio Co.,LTD. receives a U.S. patent on the new drug MS-20 (CHEMO YOUNG).