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Established in 2016, Kartigen Biomedical Inc. has high-standard laboratories and provides a technology platform. The main members of the R&D team are from National Taiwan University Hospital and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), which are talents in the fields of medicine and biochemistry at home and abroad. Kartigen is committed to push the field of regenerative medicine further, combining the research and development of stem cells, including stem cell expansion technology, stem cell characterization, stem cell differentiation, protein analysis, immunomodulation analysis, etc., and bring the application of stem cells toward all-round development.

Kartigen not only provides stem cell storage service and stem cell related commissioned research, but also recruit clinically experienced physicians and engineers with medical product design experience to develop and apply new cell drugs. Kartigen has been developing clinical trials such as stem cells, cartilage and tissue repair in the past. Therefore, Kartigen expect to prosper the development of Taiwan’s biotechnology industry and push it to the international market.

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