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The Development Center for Biotechnology, DCB, was founded in 1984 as a non-profit organization based on governmental funds and private donations.

DCB’s mission is to facilitate the development of Taiwan’s biotechnology industry by building the infrastructures, developing key biotechnologies, and training and recruiting professional workforces, in coordination with industrial, governmental, academic, and research institutions.

DCB, as aiming to act as the “best partner for biotech industry,” plays the role as a “second runner” of value-adding and incubation in the value chain of Taiwan’s biotech-pharma industry. It continues the new drug discovery results of the first-runner research and academic institutions and introduces innovative technology or lead compounds from foreign entities. Via pre-clinical development and value-adding, those achievements are to be transferred to the third-runner biotech-pharma companies where the R&D results are directed to commercialization.

By suitable business models such as technology introduction, strategic alliance, research collaboration, OEM services, technology transfer, or spinning off start-ups, DCB dedicates to efficiently utilizing the biotech research resources integratively, to accelerating the increase of Taiwan’s biotech-pharma industrial values, to cooperatively creating the new value of biotech-pharma industry, and to moving forward to global market.

Product Pipelines

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Company Milestones

   1984 Founded on Mar. 14th
   1987 Chang-Hsin Headquarters Inaugurated in Jan.
   1994 Xizhi R&D Area Building Constructions Finished
   2004 Headquarters moved from Chang-Hsin to Xizhi and Nangang District.
   2011 GLP Toxicology Lab acquired by QPS Taiwan
   2013 CGMP Biopharmaceutical Pilot Plant Facility acquired by EirGenix, Inc.
   2016 Spun off TFBS Bioscience, Inc. for GLP biosafety testing
   2018 Headquarters moved from Xizhi District to and NBRP.