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Taiwan Advance Bio-Pharm. Inc. (TABP) is the first bio-technology company supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. The company was derived in June 2000 from Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB), a facility founded by the Taiwan government in order to promoting the biotechnology industry. By incorporating the technologies, patents, and accumulated experience receiving from DCB, TABP has long devoted into food and feed diagnostic kits field, and developed more than 60 products with a market share over 90% in Taiwan. The highly accurate and convenient kits, ELISA kits or test strips, also play a role in Europeans, China and south-east Asia markets.
Beside the diagnostic products, TABP is famous for the competitive advantage in R&D ability. Aiming to be the nationwide pioneering bio-tech company and catch up with global enterprise, the company adapts a multi-scale business strategy. By quickly commercializing research result, the generating revenue can support further R&D in more application fields. Till now TABP expands a variety of research fields and has accomplishments in every field, such as drug abuse examination, stem cells banking service, gene testing service, protein drug, stem cells research and regenerative medicine. All is under strict guidance of ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025, Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare (MPHW) or American Associate of Blood Bank (AABB) to reach the highest quality. In the latest regenerative medicine filed, TABP successfully produces an in-vitro expanded stem cell for blood cancer transplant, with the cell passed all safety and effective tests. The product is going to face clinical trial in the coming years, and will benefit hundreds or thousands patients.

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