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Taiwan: Government sets target to push the biotech industry’s output to NT$3 trillion in 2020


The discussion focuses on the development of 5 major areas, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare, foods and agriculture.

It has been decided in the first day’s meeting that the biotech industry should have its output reach the target of NT$3 trillion in 2020 and NT$ 4 trillion in 2025.

This year’s meeting is convened by Prof. Hong-Sen Yen, the Deputy Convenor of the Board of Science and Technology of the Executive Yuan. About 100 people attend this 3-day event, including the heads of various government agencies and the representatives of the industries and the academics.

The organizer also invited Mr. Frank Lin, the CEO of Lin & Associates, Mr. Shaw Chen, the Executive Vice President of TdwPharma, Mr. Fan-Chien Kon, the founder of Vivo Capital, Mr. Yu-Min Yang, the CEO of Aspen Sciences, to attend the meeting and provide suggestions.

(Translated by TRPMA)

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