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ExoOne Bio Co., Ltd. (ExoOne Bio) was established in December 2020. Professor Tzou-Yien Lin is the chairman and CEO and a repute pediatrician. He served in several important positions, including former minister of Taiwan FDA, Chairman of National Health Research Institute, President of The Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan, and President of Taiwan Pediatric Association. ExoOne Bio focuses the research and development of exosomes and their application in degenerative diseases. The vision of the company is to become world’s leading biotech center in anti-aging and rejuvenation and the mission is to apply prime exosome products to treat degenerative diseases and to extend health lifespan. ExoOne Bio’s exosome application in new drug is regarded an index project by CDE (Center for Drug Evaluation, Taiwan). CDE will support ExoOne Bio in exosome development and provide review guidance and submission requirement.

Product Pipelines

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Company Milestones

   2020 ExoOne Bio Co., Ltd. established in Linkou, New Taipei City
   2021 ExoOne Bio’s exosome new drug development selected by CDE as an Index Project
   2021 Established an independent in-house exosome research & development Lab.
   2021 Sign academia collaboration agreement on research & development with several institutes
   2022 ExoOne Bio signs CDMO agreement with Taiwan Bio Therapeutics Co., Ltd.
   2022 Sign collaboration agreement for new drug pre-clinical development with several institutes
   2022 Cosmetic functional assays completed
   2022 Cosmetic human clinical studies ongoing
   2022 Cosmetic data submitted for publication
   2023 Exosome biodistribution data completed
   2023 Approved by Ministry of Economic Affairs as a qualified biotech company
   2023 Fund raising to NT$120Mil.
   2023 Exosome functional studies in osteoarthritis、degenerative eye diseases、& anti-aging completed
   2023 ExoHair Essence study ongoing