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Acepodia was founded in 2017 by Dr. Patrick Y. Yang, former EVP of Juno Therapeutics, Roche, and Genentech, and by Dr. Sonny Hsiao, UC Berkeley Cell Biologist and inventor of Acepodia’s core technology. Acepodia is a privately held biotechnology company focused on developing novel, targeted, allogeneic cell therapies to treat cancers. Acepodia is employing a flexible therapeutic design that leverages cutting-edge technologies to develop the next generation of off-the-shelf cell therapies by supercharging select oNK cells and gamma delta (γδ) T cells to target and engage cancer cells. Our approach is based on developing the most potent immune cells possible and equipping them with the optimal cellular targeting mechanisms needed to engage cancer cells with proprietary platform technologies. By arming our powerful cancer-killing cells with our tumor-targeting technology, Antibody-Cell Conjugation (ACC), Acepodia believes it can develop powerful, accessible cell therapies for patients with cancer.

Acepodia has already advanced several cell therapy candidate programs into the clinical stage: The leading program ACE1702, a HER2-targeting NK cell therapy candidate, has already been approved by regulatory authorities (the US FDA and the TFDA in Taiwan) and entered into phase 1 study in US and Taiwan in the meantime; the second program ACE1831, the CD20-targeting gamma delta T cell therapy candidate, has also filed IND application to US FDA. The IND clearance and its entry into phase 1 study in the US are anticipated in second half of 2022.

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Company Milestones

   2017 Acepodia was founded in the United States and Taiwan.
   2018 Acepodia completed USD 10 million in Series A fundraising
   2020 Acepodia received US FDA clearance of IND for ACE1702’s Phase 1 clinical study.
   2020 Acepodia and JW Therapeutics Enter into Option and License Agreement for Off-the-shelf NK Cell Therapies.
   2021 Acepodia completed USD 47 million in Series B fundraising.
   2021 Acepodia received TFDA approval of IND for ACE1702’s phase1 clinical study.
   2021 Acepodia Presents Positive Interim Phase 1 Feasibility Data of ACE1702, demonstrating safety and tolerability of repeat dosing, in Advanced HER2-Positive Tumors at 2021 EMSO Virtual Congress.
   2021 Acepodia completed USD 109 million in Series C fundraising.
   2022 Acepodia Presents Preclinical Data on its gamma delta T cell Therapy Candidate ACE1831 at 2022 AACR Meeting.