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Oneness Biotech is a leading biopharmaceutical company in Taiwan with the mission to fulfill unmet medical needs by developing new drugs to treat chronic disorders in dermatology and immunology. Oneness Biotech was founded in 2008 as a government-approved biopharmaceutical company devoted to new drug development, and was listed on the Taipei Stock Exchange in 2011 under the ticker “4743-TW.” The research and development stage covers pre-clinical, clinical stages , and marketing. Oneness also has a potent full human antibody library and an innovative monoclonal antibody drug development platform. The experienced antibody development team and proprietary antibody technologies have formed a strong R&D capability in innovative new drug development. At present, new antibody drugs such as FB825 and FB704A have been developed.

Oneness’ research and development results in small molecule new drugs and new antibody drugs not only significantly enhance the value of the company’s new drug research and development, but also demonstrate the R&D and innovation of Taiwan’s biotech new drug industry, which has an increasingly strong international competitiveness. We anticipate our business model to be based on two revenue streams: new drug out-licensing and sales of new pipeline drugs.

Product Pipelines

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Company Milestones

   2018 Oneness Biotech submitted the plant-derived new drug application of ON101 (Diabetic foot ulcer drug) to TFDA
   2019 Oneness Biotech merged with Fountain Biopharma for enhancing competitiveness in global market
   2020 LEO Pharma enters license agreement with Oneness biotech and Microbio Shanghai for FB825 a novel atopic dermatitis and asthma drug candidate
   2020 Oneness has completed issuance of its global depositary receipt in a total of US$177 million
   2020 MSCI adds Oneness Biotech to Global Standard Indexes
   2021 Oneness has received the letter from MOHW with regards to collection the drug license of DFU new drug: Fespixon cream.
   2021 Nanchou manufacturing site has been GMP and GDP certified by MOHW
   2021 Oneness Biotech Co., Ltd. became the first biotech company in Taiwan to receive ISO14040 and ISO14044 Life Cycle Assessmen Certificate.
   2022 News-Oneness Ranked among Top 5% in the 8th Corporate Governance Evaluation