Member Profile

Heroic Faith Medical Science, Inc., founded in 2018, is a medical device startup dedicating to pursuing breakthrough in medical technology to improve patient care. Inspired by his own work experience as a critical care physician, one of our co-founders recognized optimal patient care requires input of advanced technology. The integration of artificial intelligence into critical patient monitoring alleviates the burden and risk confronted by most healthcare workers and thus minimizes the effect of human factors in settings like ICUs, surgical theaters, emergency rooms, and other critical encounters, therefore fostering our company mission as “Saving Lives Through Innovation”. We thus deeply believe in the importance of healthy work environment and the value of workforce resource.

Our products are moving forward on the regulatory pathway, recently approved by Taiwan FDA and expecting US FDA clearance in the near future. Young but promising, we have been awarded second place in 2019 RESI Innovation Challenge and 2020 NTPC-AWS Best Innovation Award and were named one of the ten coolest tech startups for 2020 by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, we collaborate extensively with medical centers in Taiwan and clinical laboratories in U.S., as well as tech giants including Intel and Advantech. We will continue to carry out our mission and evolve along the road to serve the medical community.

Company Milestones

   2018 /06 Heroic-Faith Medical Science Co.,LTd Establish
   2018 /10 FITI Program Best Potential Award
   2019 /01 RESI Innovation Challenge Second Place Award
   2019 /06 Star of Hsinchu Science Park
   2019 /10 Medtech Conference
   2020 /01 AWS The Beginning 2 Demo Day Best Technology Award
   2020 /07 A round fundraising 4 million USD
   2020 /07 AS 101 AccurSound Electronic Stethoscope approved by Taiwan FDA
   2021 /05 ES2020 Electronic Stethoscope approved by Taiwan FDA