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iXensor, founded in 2012, is the pioneer of mobile health. iXensor turns smartphones into lab-grade mobile medical diagnostics. In 2017, iXensor introduced the PixoTest® Blood Glucose Monitoring System as the world’s first US FDA approved smartphone camera-based blood test. Based on the core PixoTech® platform, iXensor has ventured into both at-home self-testing and professional clinical diagnostics across infectious diseases, women’s health, chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Our vision is to make quality healthcare accessible and timely by driving the paradigm shift of point-of-care testing with the highly scalable PixoTech® platform.
iXensor received several international awards, including the 2014 MEDICA eHealth Innovation Award, 2017 Digital Health Award, 2017 Japan Good Design, 2018 CES Best BabyTech Award, and 2019 German Design Award.
Our mission is to facilitate data-driven healthcare with instant medical tests and seamless data synchronization, in order to make quality healthcare accessible and timely.

PixoTech® is iXensor’s smart color sensing technology for connected healthcare. It utilizes the lighting and image sensing module of the smartphone to detect the color change reaction on the biochemical test strip (US patent granted). The image of the test strip is captured by the front camera of the smartphone and analyzed via the measurement algorithm to turn out a quantified or semi- quantified result. With the control on light sources with multiple wavelengths from the screen lighting module of the smartphone, the PixoTech® innovation can be applied on different biomarker measurements.

PixoHealth Hub
iXensor’s proprietary PixoTech® technology can turn mobile devices into in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices. With PixoHealth App, test readings can be measured and recorded on the edge and then uploaded to PixoHealth Hub on the cloud. It enables healthcare professionals to monitor their patients’ conditions of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, women’s health problems, or infectious diseases.
The data can also be used for patients’ self-management, medical professionals’ analysis, or the government’s appraisal of disease control policies.

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Company Milestones

   2012 iXensor established
   2014 Finalist of 2014 Medica eHealth Innovation Award, PixoTest® BGMS got CE certificate, ISO 13485 certificated
   2015 Pass ISO unannounced audit, GMP certified, Awarded first US patent
   2016 PixoTest® BGMS pass Geman IDT clinical trial, PixoTest® BGMS Taiwan TFDA certified
   2017 PixoTest POCT got NGSP certificate, PixoTest Blood Glucose Monitoring System (BGMS) got FDA 510(k) clearance, Eveline Smart Fertility System awarded Taiwan Excellence Award, Taiwan, Good Design Award Eveline Smart Fertility System awarded Good Design Award, Japan, PixoTest BGMS awarded Digital Health Award, PixoTest BGMS’s clinical trial published on national journal, JDST
   2018 Chosen as the representative of Taiwan to participate in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Spain, Presented HbA1c monitoring system at Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD), Vienna, Eveline Smart Fertility System won CES “the best of babyTech” award, iXensor chosen to be the CES representative of Taiwan.
   2019 iXensor selected as Merck Accelerator partner, PixoTest A1c Monitoring System got 510(k) clearance, PixoTest Lipid Monitoring System TFDA certified, PixoTest POCT System awarded German Design Award, PixoTest POCT System awarded Taiwan Excellence, Eveline Smart Fertility System awarded German Design Award.
   2020 iXensor appointed Dr. Peter Fitzgerald as new Chairman and Dr. Carson Chen as new CEO to develop and execute its global growth strategy
   2020 Eveline Smart Fertility System awarded National Parenting Product Awards
   2020 Selected in Plug & Play’s Startup Creasphere program by Roche
   2020 PixoTest® POCT system - HbA1c received approval from Health Sciences Authority in Singapore
   2020 Invited by Johnson & Johnson Innovation to become a resident at JLABS @ Shanghai
   2021 Eveline Smart Fertility System awarded SHOPLINE Brand Award
   2021 PixoTest® POCT COVID-19 Antigen Test received the CE-IVD mark in Europe, TFDA EUA in Taiwan and TGA approval in Australia
   2021 PixoTest® POCT COVID-19 Antigen Test received National Innovation Award
   2021 PixoTest® POCT COVID-19 Antigen Test won 2021 Taiwan Excellence Gold Award
   2022 iXensor Receives Strategic Investment from Rohto Pharmaceutical with A Separate Technology Licensing Agreement