Member Profile

MiCareo focus on precision medicine and liquid biopsy technology for rare cell isolation, such as circulating tumor cell and tumor-related immune cell. With a single device and from a single tube of blood, MiCareo’s technology can isolate and profile a single live cell and deliver both biological and genomic information. We offer a tool for drug developer and researcher to accelerate drug development and biomarker discovery, enabling patient selection and treatment monitoring for immuno- and targeted therapy.

Company Milestones

   2011 Licensing of eDAR technology from University of Washington.
   2011 MiCareo Taiwan is officially founded in Neihu, Taipei.
   2011 Signed a contract with the Institute of Industrial Technology (ITRI) to conduct research and development of instrument prototypes.
   2012 The first instrument prototype (open system).
   2013 First clinical patient sample run on MiSelect Alpha.
   2015 Microfluidic chip-SelectChip Dual developed and validated for enrichment and identification of rare cells.
   2016 Integrated instrument-MiSelect R developed and validated.
   2017 GMP certification for microfluidic chip manufacturing.
   2017 Processed our 500th clinical patient sample.
   2019 Commercial launch of the MiSelect R.
   2019 Development of technology and product for single cell isolation and molecular analysis.
   2019 Initiate and establish collaboration with pharmaceutical company and academic research center.