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GWOXI Stem Cell Applied Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly based on stem cell technology, and has researched and developed relevant testing platforms and innovative stem cell drugs. GWOXI, which is committed to the research and development of new stem cell drug technology, combines the resources of industry, government, academic institutions, research institutions, and medical institutions, with the stem cell research and development center of Hsinchu Biomedical Park as the starting base, and develops the “pharmaceutical-grade stem cell preparation production technology platform” and also developed a unique stem cell activation technology “Nigiro-Med®” for unmet medical needs.As of June 2023, GWOXI has successfully promoted four new stem cell drugs into clinical trials, of which three new stem cell drugs have entered the second phase of clinical trials, and one has undergone first clinical trials in Vietnam. Through patent protection, GWOXI ensure the future market sales of drugs after they are launched.In order to meet the demand for commercialized mass production and improve quality stability, a stem cell preparation factory that complies with PIC/S GMP standards has be built inHsinchu Biomedical Park.In the future, GWOXI will cooperate with alliance strategic partners to promote Taiwan’s new stem cell drug products to the world.

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