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UnicoCell BioMed is a Taiwan-based biopharmaceutical company and focus on the developments of innovative stem cell products for therapeutic use and regenerative medical applications. UnicoCell possesses the cell culture manufacturing facilities including a TFDA and PMDA certified GTP laboratory, and a PIC/S GMP compliance cell production plant.
In order to meet potential demand of industrial batch size, we commenced massive production by using bioreactor since 2017.
The phase II/III candidate of UnicoCell, ELIXCYTE®, is an allogeneic adipose-derived stem cell. The multi-applications of ELIXCYTE® has been approved by Taiwan FDA and US FDA for OA Knee and CKD clinical trials separately. We have been always ambitious in research and development of regenerative medical products and cell therapy derivative technologies. We have keen to continuously improve and broad our capabilities; and having high degree of collaboration and interaction with renowned academic and research institutions.
Numerous technical advantages and innovative patents of UnicoCell have achieved by the professional R&D team and advisory group. We aim for cell product launch successfully and efficiently through various novelty R&D visions and reaching out to the world wild.
We have self-motivative to be a leading enterprise in cell therapy and regenerative medicine, we are also on the mission of meeting medical needs and benefiting mankind.

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