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Owner of a proprietary cell expansion technique, Taiwan-Bio has been dedicated to the development of human mesenchymal stem cell products and the clinical application of such cell therapy products to the treatment of cardiovascular, orthopedic diseases, inflammatory diseases. So far, our most advanced innovative MSCs therapeutic agent Biochymal® for lower limb ischemia has completed a phase I/IIa trial. Our second product Chondrochymal® has also completed a phase I/IIa trial for treatment of knee osteoarthritis and are now entering phase IIb stage. In addition to substantiating the development of our current cell therapy products, a several more potent second and third generation cell therapy products are also being developed at the preclinical stage. Importantly, Taiwan-Bio is also the owner of a state-of-the-art PIC/S GMP Cell Processing Center, allowing us to provide cell therapy product CMO and CDMO services for our clients.

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Company Milestones

   2014 The business license was acquired, and the actual receipt capital was NT$48,000,000.
   2014 The contact of mesenchymal stem cells technology was signed and transferred from the Taipei Veterans General Hospital and National Yang-Ming University.
   2014 The phase 1/2a clinical trial for the critical limb ischemia was started.
   2015 Subsidized the Angel Project Fund by the National Development Fund.
   2015 Obtained Biotech Innovation of the Year Award from the BioTaiwan 2015.
   2015 Obtain 2015 Technology Transfer Cooperation Award.
   2015 Obtain the subsidy of R&D Organization Technology Development Program from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
   2016 The patent of preparation of cell transplant in China was gained, which cooperated with the Taipei Veterans General Hospital.
   2016 Become a qualified biotechnology therapeutics company by the Industrial Development Bureau.
   2017 The phase 1/2a clinical trial for the Osteoarthritis was started.
   2017 The phase 1/2a clinical trial for the lower limb ischemia patients enrollment and data analysis was completed.
   2019 The clinical study report of the phase 1/2a clinical trial for the lower limb ischemia patients was approved by Ministry of Health and Welfare.
   2019 The phase 1/2a clinical trial for the osteoarthritis patient enrollment was completed.
   2020 The CSR of phase 1/2a clinical trial for the osteoarthritis was submitted to TFDA.