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Status Quo
Founded as a pharmaceutical company, CENTER Laboratories Inc. is equipped with practical experience and business expertise in biotechnology. Our familiarity with the industry value chain and ecosystem, along with complete expert network and resource integration capabilities, make us the most professional biotechnology incubator platform in Asia Pacific.

Global vision
CENTER Laboratories Inc. works with companies in the biotechnology industry chain, including small molecule drug R&D, protein and antibody development, pharmaceutical CDMO, pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales, medical devices, nutritional health and agribiotechnology, emerging medicine (stem cell and immune cell therapy), and industry investment fund and venture capital. We’ve invested in more than 20 companies, 9 of which have been successfully listed on the Stock Exchange or the Emerging Stock Market.

Product Pipelines

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Company Milestones

   1959 Center Laboratories, Inc. was started as a full-dosage pharmaceutical company in 1959.
   1998 Center Laboratories, Inc. has its 1st re-position to transform from a full-dosage in to a professional oral liquid pharmaceutical company.
   2003 Center Laboratories, Inc. IPOed in Taiwan with NTD$105 million (USD$3.5 million) capital.
   2008 In order to drive the business growing, the company has its 2nd re-position to transform into a biotech industrial bank and dedicated the industry investment and incubation. Beside that the company also step into CNS and specialty drugs development, Center Laboratories, Inc.
   2014 Center Laboratories, Inc. purchased the issued share capital of Ausnutria Dairy Corp, Ltd., a leading dairy company special on paediatric milk formula listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited.
   2017 Center Laboratories, Inc. completed USFDA and TFDA IND and initiated phase II trial for Type II diabetes treatment for CS02 in US and Taiwan
   2018 Center Laboratories, Inc. out-licensed CS02, a self-developed Diabetes drug asset to CR Pharmaceutical Group (CRG). According to the MOU, Centerlab granted exclusive China market right to CRG for sales and further development.
   2019 Center Laboratories, Inc. cooperated with Yipinhong Pharmacy to set up a joint venture company and aim to establish a leading medicine corporation for children in China.