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SyneuRx is pioneering and developing revolutionary, completely new classes of drug to treat central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Our candidate drugs hold great promise to fast track the development process and reach a dominant position in the CNS drug market quickly. The candidate drugs represent a rare opportunity with low risk and potentially very high return.

Our development team will address at least five unmet medical needs in CNS disorders. The invention will provide those with mental disorders better treatment options than they have had for the past half century. Candidate drugs are granted for orphan designation with 7.5 years of exclusivity, 505(b)(2) path, fast track development, drug repositioning, with minimal risk and high return. These efficacy and side effect profile had been demonstrated by pilot human studies. Our team members and partners have the skills and experiences directly relevant to the opportunity we are pursuing. The products have great potential in growing the market due to its unique efficacy profile of improving function, cognitive and negative symptoms that is missing by the available drugs.

Our multi-national team is located in both the US and Greater China regions. The combined innovations, resources and production from US and Asia are the strength of our team. The corporation was founded in 2013 by several Taiwanese/Americans with the goal to realize the scientific breakthroughs to develop novel CNS drugs for mental health. The experienced team has developed and tested several candidate drugs in human with unexpected good efficacy and negligible side effects. They bring exceptional technical expertise and business experience to the enterprise to promise the success of launching new drugs in relatively short period of time.

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