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Founded in 1988, Excelsior Biopharma Inc. is a pioneer focus on orphan drugs and specialty medicine, who devote to supply pharmaceuticals with excellent quality, distribute products with professional marketing and sales service. The wholly-owned subsidiary set up PIC/S GMP manufacturing plant and R&D center in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, engaging in the development of novel therapeutics, clinical trials and related registrations, licensing-in pharmaceuticals and OEM for small to medium-sized batches. There are 150 FTEs including over 50% of sales staffs to provide marketing, sales, medical service and business development service.

Excelsior focus on specialty medicines, e.g. orphan drugs, antidotes, rapid tests, specific anti-cancer drugs etc. Our core business focus on commercial launch of orphan drugs, specialty products for pediatric genetic, metabolic and neurological diseases, over 17 orphan drugs have been launched in Taiwan. The molecular biology and metabolic biochemistry lab was set up and provide diagnostic test results for rare diseases. The targets of research and development are focused on new chemical entities, and prescription drugs with new indications.

The management team covers R&D, manufacturing, diagnostics, marketing and sales. Our goal is to promote expertise and knowledge in treatment and diagnostics, to provide specialty medicines and appropriate healthcare system in Asian markets, so that all patients could obtain the best healthcare management.

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Company Milestones

   1988 Corporate Establishment
   1996 Excelsior applied and built up R&D center in the Incubation Center of ITRI and founded the subsidiary of Excelsior Pharmatech Labs.
   2012 The molecular biology and metabolic biochemistry lab was set up to develop the patient screening and diagnostic methods of genetic and metabolic disorders.
   2014 Excelsior Pharmatech Labs awarded Taiwan FDA PIC/S GMP certification.
   2016 Excelsior’s stock was listed in the OTC market.
   2016 OMACOR® obtained marketing authorization as NCE by Taiwan FDA.
   2016 Excelsior inaugurated TGF-β Research Center.
   2017 Excelsior awarded Taiwan FDA PIC/S GDP certifications.
   2017 Awarded the 26th Small and Medium Enterprise by Ministry of Economic Affairs
   2018 Obtained the Certificate of PIC/S GMP from Taiwan FDA
   2020 Established Asia-Pacific Rare Disease Research Center