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Founded in 1982, Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd (OEP) was officially listed in the Taipei Exchange in 2003. (Stock code: 4120) Business include pharmaceuticals, oncology drugs, dermo-cosmetics, infant & adult nutrition and healthcare products. OEP also established subsidiary companies: Orient PHARMA (Stock code: 4166), focusing on new drugs development and manufacture, conducted ability to integrate pharmaceutical ,R&D, clinical trial, manufacture and marketing. With the globalizing and growing market, OEP started to establish oversea subsidiaries since 1993 and strengthening OEP’s marketing and sales capability in the Asian Pacific region. Currently, overseas employees account for more than 40%.「Karihome」a new brand for infant nutrition market by OEP, which collaborated with New Zealand’s Dairy Goat Co-operatives (DGC) has successfully entered the Mainland China and Southeast Asia market. OEP is one of the few Taiwanese companies able to manage an international brand. The R&D and business strategy of OEP focus on the unique and niche market. To expand group business continuously, OEP developed technology platforms with patent to expand the competency of R&D and cooperate with globalized company to accelerate new product market with strategic alliance. OEP will uphold the core value「Through integrity, United we achieve and Be remarkable」to pursuit the sustainable development and accomplishment of a benchmarking enterprise in Asia-pacific.

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Company Milestones

   1982 Founded Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd
   1989 Imported infant goat formula from New Zealand in 1989, and created the Karihome brand for domestic sales in Taiwan.
   2003 Officially listed in Taipei Exchange (stock code :4120)
   2008 Established subsidiary company, OirentPHARMA Co., Ltd
   2012 Signed the pancreatic cancer new drug co-development and new plant construction agreement with Japan NanoCarrier Co., Ltd., OP NanoPharma Co., Ltd was established in the next year.
   2015 OEP cooperated with TissueTech™ , looking to expand into the field of Regenerative Medicine Ophthalmology.
   2017 OEP obtained the certificate of PIC/S GMP and PIC/S GDP and the letter of approval from Taiwan Food and Drug Administration for human organ bank
   2018 Construction of OP NanoPharma was completed and specialized in cytotoxic oncology injectable products, providing commissioned development and drug manufacture services
   2019 Established subsidiary company, OEP Innovations in the US