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Australia: Australian government approves mercury therapeutic good import, export form

2023/09/13  RAPS

Australia’s Department of Health and Aged Care has approved a TGA form for applying to import or export therapeutic goods that contain mercury.

The roots of the approval date back to 2013, when Australia signed the Minamata Convention on Mercury. The convention is designed to protect humans and the environment from the risks of exposure to mercury, a highly toxic heavy metal that can harm the health of people, ecosystems and wildlife. Australia ratified the convention in 2021 and restricted cross-border trade last year.

TGA responded to the changes by creating an application form for people who want to move mercury therapeutic goods in or out of Australia. The form covers applications to import therapeutic goods from countries that are not signed up to the Minamata Convention, and to export goods to countries that either are or are not party to the restrictions on the trade in mercury.

The Australian government approved the TGA form last week.

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