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日本神戶醫療産業都市推進機構 (Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation, FBRI),將於12月9日來台與TRPMA共同舉辦「FBRI X TRPMA Special Seminar- Commercialization Considerations of Cell Therapy Products」!! FBRI細胞治療研發中心長川真田博士 (Dr. Kawamata)、副中心長橋本博士 (Dr. Hashimoto)、及生醫聚落推進中心笹山博士 (Dr. Sasayama) 將介紹神戶生醫聚落,並詳細說明細胞治療商品化策略,分享臨床前測試、IND產品製程、商業化批次製造等各階段考量。此次,FBRI也推薦三家日本細胞治療公司參與會議,發表技術及優勢,爭取與台灣產業合作的機會!


主辦單位:台灣研發型生技新藥發展協會 (TRPMA)、日本神戶醫療産業都市推進機構 (FBRI)
時間:108年12月9日 (星期一) 14:00 - 17:00

Company Profiles:

  1. Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.
    We supply society with a variety of innovative technologies and products (e.g., Motion Systems, Transportation and Power Control Systems, Clean Transport Equipment, Automotive Testing Systems) based on its core applied electromagnetic technologies. In the regenerative medicine field, we are utilizing our technical capabilities in order to develop an automated closed-cell culture system using in-process monitoring to assure the quality of cell therapy products.

  2. Shimadzu Corporation
    Shimadzu is the developer of cutting-edge technologies for analysis in a wide variety of fields. Shimadzu applies their technologies to new fields related to cell therapy and regenerative medicine. In the company presentation section, talking about non-invasive LC-MS/MS analysis approach to assess the differentiated status of pluripotent stem cells.

  3. TechnoPro, Inc. TechnoPro R&D, Company
    Contract research services in chemistry and biology. Make a success of your project!
    Researchers with various scientific background will support your research.
    We offer comprehensive support to optimize research strategies and integrate different technical fields in order to solve your scientific problems. Please use our research center as your “second laboratory”.